A Woman Overjoyed- Tying It All Together

I find it no coincidence that I am finishing the Book of Revelation for my private devotion the same time we are wrapping up our study of Adorned and the Titus 2 woman. We can get lost in the “what to’s” and “how to’s” and forget that our ultimate aim in this life and in... Continue Reading →

Chapter 14: Instruments of Grace- Showing a Deeper Kind of Kindness

“Charity begins in the home.” I distinctly remember hearing my dad say these words.  Later my mom interpreted the word “charity” for me. She explained that charity was an old-fashioned word for love or kindness. My dad was a man of few words as we were growing up. So when he did speak we paid... Continue Reading →

Chapter 12: An Unexpected Blessing

Who among us would refuse an unexpected blessing? None of us. We all want blessings. And when the blessing is unexpected it refreshes us and gives us hope. Submission to our husbands is that unexpected blessing. Yep. Today we will try and unwrap that controversial gift and see its joys. It is my prayer that... Continue Reading →

Chapter 11: Need Help Lovin’ That Man

After reading about the life of the late Barbara Bush and her 73 year marriage to President George H. W. Bush, I feel ill-qualified to write anything of value on marriage. Such examples of covenant faithfulness should be honored and treasured among all people. Today marks the wedding anniversary of my own parents. Their humble... Continue Reading →

Chapter 10: Taste of Heaven

I love home. I love being at home. I enjoy its comforts. It truly is a taste of heaven for me. But why? Is it because I am an introvert? Is it because running around exhausts me? Maybe. But I think it goes deeper than that. The chapter title gives us a clue: a home... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9: Passionate about Purity

My favorite novel ever is the exquisitely written British novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I read it for the first time in 8th grade and I was not only gripped by its story and the complexity of its characters, but I loved Jane’s commitment to purity. She grew to deeply love and care for Mr.... Continue Reading →

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